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The Better Behavior Show with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

Jan 19, 2022

My guest this week is Scott Donnell.

In this episode, Scott and I discuss how to teach children about money and finances so they can have a healthy relationship with money, develop initiative, be generous, and raise them into responsible adults with the financial literacy skills they need. Finances can be a taboo topic...

Jan 17, 2022

This week’s question is from Alan and Cara,

“We have a seven-year-old adopted daughter who has struggled with all aspects of regulation and development since she came home with us as a young toddler. She has sensory processing issues, major eating and sleeping issues is hyperactive and impulsive, learning issues,...

Jan 12, 2022

My guest this week is Dr. Staci Whitman.

In this episode, Dr. Staci and I discuss all things oral health, cavities, and children. The mouth could just be the tattletale you actually want in your child’s life! There’s a forgotten link between oral health and systemic health/immune function. Issues in the mouth can...

Jan 10, 2022

This week’s question is from Erica,

“I’m wondering how to deal with the inevitable disappointments that come from my kids when they get gifts sometimes. They are six and nine years old, and it seems like every time a fun event or season comes around, there ends up being disappointment, tears, and even temper...

Jan 3, 2022

This week’s question is from Adrienne,

“My 10-year-old son is virtually impossible to wake up and get going in the mornings. He is struggling to get out of bed and can't seem to wake up easily no matter what we do. This turns into a big argument, struggle, and stress for me and my husband every day. My husband tries...