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The Better Behavior Show with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

May 31, 2021

This weeks question is from Gina and Matt,

“Our 7-year-old son doesn't have a diagnosed condition but has always struggled with his attention and focus, is very active, and sometimes has trouble managing his behaviors. He struggles with his behavior at school and sometimes gets angry and lashes out when he feels frustrated and overwhelmed. It could be pushing or hitting another child, tearing up his papers, or running and hiding in the bathroom.

This year, we’ve had an issue with the school calling us when these things happen and insisting that we come to pick him up. He has been suspended multiple times, as they request that we keep him home when this happens.

We don’t feel like being sent home from school for bad behavior is solving the problem, and in some ways, it’s teaching him that when he does these things he gets to come home. It's also very frustrating for us because we are busy in our work settings and have to drop everything to come and get him from school. We feel like there must be a better way to manage this but aren’t sure how to address it or if we even have a say in the matter. Please help.”

In this episode, I will address considerations for disruptive behavior at school and how to work collaboratively with your child’s school to come up with solutions. Being sent home from school for bad behavior is not a viable long-term solution however there are ways you can work with the school to better support the child. I will also discuss the types of support programs that are commonly available, within most schools, to help your child.

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