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The Better Behavior Show with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

Aug 16, 2021

This weeks listener question is from Debbie,

"My eight-year-old son has ADHD, and I'm constantly frustrated with his lack of listening. I'll tell him something or ask him to do something, and he acts like he doesn't hear me, or says, “Yup", but then doesn't do it. Sometimes I tell him it's time to do something, and he just runs the other way and refuses. I feel like I spend all day trying to get him to listenand do what he's told. I've tried all the reward charts and consequences, but they don't have a consistent impact, and they just create more work for me to manage. How can I get him to understand that he needs to listen and do things the first time he's told?”

In this episode, I will address the challenge most parents face; how to get kids to listen better! Whether it's a stubborn kid, one kid who has ADHD, is on the autism spectrum, has anxiety, or has behavior challenges, the principles and effective approaches I share work for all ages and stages of development. 

You can submit a question by emailing us at with the subject line "Podcast Question."

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