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The Better Behavior Show with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

May 1, 2019

My guest this week is Sonia Story, developer, and teacher of the Brain and Sensory Foundations curriculum that shares powerful movements for transforming brain, body, and sensory challenges. Sonia Story has studied with many of the world's finest experts in Neurodevelopmental Movement programs, completing training in Rhythmic Movement Training, Brain Gym, Neuro-Sensory-Motor & Reflex Integration, and more. She teaches live and online courses for parents, OTs, PTs, SLPs, VTs, educators, counselors, health practitioners, and caregivers, and continues to learn from her clients of all ages.

In this episode, Sonia and I discuss what neurodevelopmental movements are and how they impact children and adults to significantly improve and mature brain and sensory systems. Children on the spectrum, with ADD, ADHD, anxiety, or sensory, behavioral, or developmental disorders can greatly benefit from incorporating movement practices and techniques into their daily routine. To learn more about Sonia and her life-changing Brain and Sensory Foundations curriculum visit

What is Neurodevelopmental Movement?

  • The innate movements that infants do in the womb and in early infancy
    • These movements are foundational for proper brain, body and sensory maturity
  • They are like a ‘template’ in the brain that we naturally do as healthy human beings if there is room within the womb and the environment is not stressed


Innate Movements

  • Natural infant reflex movements like sucking the thumb, or grasping when a finger is pressed into babies palm
  • These movements help set up our brain networks, they mature the brainstem and help us feed ourselves, learn and are our survival and protection mechanisms
    • When there are gaps in these movements from infancy the child can be left in a state of anxiety or flight or fight


Empowerment to Recognize Neurodevelopmental Issues

  • Our culture has set us up for many of these issues to happen without our own fault
    • We live more sedentary lives and partake in more passive activities vs. active activities where body movement is necessary
  • Learning about neurodevelopmental movements is essential for all families
    • I.e. Your child could have hit all their motor skill milestones but something simple in their infancy or birthing story could have subtle effects on their behavior


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