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The Better Behavior Show with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

Sep 29, 2021

My guest this week is Trent McEntire. For more than two decades, he's been helping people gain back their mobility, a story that he knows well. Born with a mild form of cerebral palsy, Trent experienced pain and stiffness every day from the time he was a child. However, his creative problem solving abilities kicked in, and he figured out ways to improve his movement capacity to participate in his love for sports, and then went on to discover that how he repaired his own body was the foundation for what would be his life's work. He attended Western Michigan University where he received a BFA in dance, requiring studies in movement science and training.


Trent pursued a career as a professional dancer, where he performed on stages throughout the country and abroad. As a movement professional, Trent has laid a path where he could help others who have movement limitations. He has helped many people move past their most debilitating situations, and today, his mission is to get his methods and tools out to everyone who needs help. The Fire Up Your Brain program was created as a fun, engaging, affordable way to support his mission. 

In this episode, Trent and I discuss ways to fire up our kids' brains so they can learn focus, move, and live better. Trent has used his personal experiences with cerebral palsy and movement education to figure out creative fun methods for improving processing, mobility, and so much more in kids and adults with a wide variety of challenges. He's going to share specific training methods we can use to support brain-body connectivity and improved functioning across the board. Removing shame from the equation and focusing on helping kids' brains through activities they love is where the most effective brain growth happens. Learn more about Trent McEntire here.

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