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The Better Behavior Show with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

Dec 15, 2021

My guest this week is Robyn Gobbel

In this episode, Robyn and I discuss how trauma impacts brain development and brain function in kids.  We talk about what trauma can mean, from big T to little t, how adoption is a traumatic experience through a child’s eyes, and the neuroscience of what trauma is doing to the brain. We also discuss looking past the “meaning” of the surfaced behavior(s) and how past traumas can impact all aspects of well-being: regulation, connection, health, and safety.  And of course, we wrap up with ways parents and caregivers can better regulate themselves, kids, and their families in these situations. 

About the Guest:

Robyn is a licensed clinical social worker who loves coffee, pink, and everything about the brain. Once, fairly recently, her teenager went ballistic on her for getting another glitter coffee mug in the mail. Robin loves cultivating deep, resonant connections with anyone who is up for it, and is especially fond of all the grownups in the world who love and care for kids impacted by trauma: Helpers, healers, educators, and parents. Her favorite thing is teaching anyone who will listen to harness the power of neuroscience so they can cultivate deep resonant connections. This would change the world if we could all do that: To be seen, to be with, feel and deeply know each other and ourselves. Robyn really believes that this can change everything.

Episode Timestamps:


Episode Intro … 00:00:30

Introduction of Robyn Gobbel & Working in Childhood Trauma … 00:01:35

What Does Trauma All Include? … 00:06:30

Big T Trauma vs Little t Trauma … 00:09:30

Adoption Process as Traumatic in the Eyes of Kids … 00:12:42

How Trauma Impacts Behavior of Kids & Development … 00:17:09

Looking Deeper, Past the Surface Behaviors … 00:25:11

Trauma Affects Regulation, Connection, Health, & Safety … 00:26:50

Ability to Regulate and Impaired Regulatory Circuits … 00:28:00

The Power Professionals Hold … 00:35:23

Tangible Solutions for Parenting Kids with Trauma … 00:37:15

Are Consequences Appropriate for Bad Behavior? … 00:48:00

Resources for Parents & Professionals … 00:50:52

Episode Wrap Up … 00:53:15


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