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The Better Behavior Show with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

Dec 29, 2021

My guest this week is Dr. Dan Gubler.

In this episode, Dr. Dan and I discuss the power of plants for supporting brain function, behavior, ADHD, sleep, anxiety, and more. We talk specifically about how the bioactive compounds in plants, called phytonutrients, can be used therapeutically to improve specific symptoms and their necessity in overall health through diet. Plants used for medicine is anything but a new concept, however, more education in this area is needed for parents to feel confident in trying plant-based therapies for their children. So Dr. Dan and I cover what to look for in a quality supplement, safety with plant-based medicine, and concerns when combining natural supplements together or with other medications.  

Dr. Dan Gubler is a natural product chemist that has traveled to every continent, discovering and researching bioactive compounds in plants and using them to help others. He has 16 patents and has developed 70 nutritional supplements. He is an expert on how phytonutrients can improve health conditions. He is a member of the London Speaker Bureau, has spoken at over 150 events in 40 countries, and is co-founder and chief scientific officer at Brilliant, an innovative proactive wellness company that creates nutritional supplements to help people unleash their innate brilliance. He is also the host of Discover with Dr. Dan, the proactive health podcast.

Episode Timestamps:
Plant Compounds and Phytonutrients … 00:05:38
When Pharmaceuticals are Necessary  … 00:09:38
Bioactive Compounds Plants & Anxiety … 00:11:39
Quality Standards to Look for in Supplements … 00:15:24
CBD, Hemp, Cannabis … 00:18:00
Safety and Awareness of Mixing Plant Compounds … 00:24:25
ADHD, Anxiety and PMDD: Supplements and Plant Compounds … 00:27:00
Therapeutic Dosage May Vary from Bottle Dosage … 00:31:27
Autism Spectrum Disorder & Natural Compounds … 00:33:27
Sleep Supplements & Kids … 00:36:06
Compounds for Mood & Emotional Balance … 00:37:52
Phytonutrient Resources  … 00:41.54

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