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The Better Behavior Show with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

Mar 2, 2022

My guest this week is Brendan Vermeire.

In this episode Brendan and I discuss the rapid decline in mental health at all ages that traditional mental health evaluations and treatments often overlook or dismiss. We cover the big picture of what needs to change in the conventional model by going beyond prescription medication to better meet the needs of kids and adults with mental health symptoms. We dive into some specifics related to areas like the gut-brain connection, braincell health, stress, trauma, and so much more.

Brendan Vermeire is a mental and metabolic health scientist and researcher, functional medicine educator, writer and speaker. He's a board-certified holistic health practitioner, master nutrition coach, personal trainer, and CrossFit trainer. He's the proud owner and founder of The Metabolic Solutions Institute for Functional Health and Fitness Practitioners, and the Metabolic Solutions Research and Education Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to changing the way the world views mental health through advancing the science of mental health dysfunction. He's also the creator of The Mental Map, which is a cutting-edge lab panel for mental health.


Introduction to Brendan Vermeire … 00:01:13

Mental Health Stigma … 00:07:25

Pandemic & Mental Health Decline … 00:11:35

Connection of Mental Health & Metabolic Issues in Children … 00:15:12

Traditional Health Care Disconnection of Whole Body & Mental Health … 20:30

Problems with Normalizing Dysfunction … 00:23:14

Gut-Brain Access & Mental Health … 00:28:55

Stress & Trauma on Microbiome … 00:32:30

Using Monoclonal Antibodies & Pharmaceuticals for Mental Health … 00:39:00

Changing Mental Health Evaluation & Approach … 42:48

Stealth Infections Relating to Mental Health … 45:15

Big Picture for Mental Health in Children … 49:24

Mental Health Testing & Resources … 00:51:50

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