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The Better Behavior Show with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

Jul 10, 2019

My guest this week is Beth Greer, a sustainable and toxin-free living expert and award-winning journalist who eliminated a sizable tumor in her chest without drugs or surgery by detoxing her body and home. Known as the Super Natural Mom®, Beth is also the author of the bestseller “Super Natural Home” and named a Top 50 Health & Environmental Journalist to follow. Beth offers personalized in-home detox audits to identify and eliminate toxins. Her work has been endorsed by Deepak Chopra & Dr. Joseph Mercola, who recognize that toxin elimination equals better health. She offers Detox Your Home webinar courses, and 5 Day Group Detox Cleanses.   

In this episode, Beth and I discuss different toxic household items and food products that can negatively impact children's behavior and overall well-being. All families can benefit from learning more about the vast amount of toxic ingredients found in their daily household, personal care, cosmetic and food products. Beth shares simple practices to help eliminate these toxins and provides resources on how to take the first steps to create your toxin-free home. Learn more about Beth here.


Episode Highlights


Household, Personal Care, Cosmetic Items

  • “Scented” products can have highly allergic effects
  • Be aware of  ingredients in hairspray, fragrance, shampoos, cosmetics, and deodorants
  • Surface sprays, wipes, plug-in scented air fresheners - all of these are examples of products we easily overlook that could be causing allergic reactions in our families


Food Toxicity in Dyes, Additives & Preservatives

  • Food Dyes can be found in children's medications, vitamins, and food
    • Can lead to temper tantrums and have especially adverse effects for children with ADD, ADHD
    • These types of ingredients have warning labels in other countries but do not have regulations in the United States
  • Glyphosate, a weed-killer chemical found in Round-Up
    • Can be found in non-organic food and in wheat
    • Can cause brain issues and has been linked to cancer 
  • Preservatives
    • Best to avoid at all costs
    • Ingredients like calcium propionate, sodium propionate, sodium benzoate
      • High levels commonly found in loaves of bread, fast food products such as buns, pizzas, and pastries
      • These ingredients have been linked to behavioral disorders and chronic illness


Fish and Meat Product Warnings

  • Farm-raised fish are given food that is generally full of genetically modified soy and corn, as well as, hormones, antibiotics, and food dyes
    • These fish also lack the natural healthier ingredients you would find in wild fresh fish
  • Meat products as well are affected by the same types of ingredients as farmers feed their livestock feed full of GMO’s, growth hormones, antibiotics 
  • Organic is always best when possible



  • “Organic” labels
    • Typically when “organic” is on the label you will avoid these mass-used GMO’s, preservatives and additives
    • When shopping at your local farmers market talk to your farmers and see what ways they are growing their produce and raising their livestock
  • Using the word “fragrance” or “scent” on a label can mask hundreds of different unlisted chemicals in the product
    • Avoid: propylene glycol (PG), triclosan, DEA and MEA, petroleum by-products
    • If you can’t pronounce it easily you probably don’t want it in your home or on/in your body


Mold Exposure

  • Address any leaks in your home to avoid mold growth in your home
  • Any black mold growth should be handled immediately 


Electromagnetic Field Exposure 

  • Remove devices from bedrooms and turn off and unplug the wifi
  • Create boundaries on digital devices and the amount of time children spend on them
  • Be mindful where large continuous electric power sources are placed such as refrigerators


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