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The Better Behavior Show with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

Jul 22, 2020

My guest this week is Dr. Hyla Cass, a physician, psychiatrist, and frequently quoted expert on natural approaches to mental and physical health. Dr. Cass helps individuals withdraw from psychiatric medications and substances of abuse, or to avoid medication altogether, through the use of targeted nutritional supplements. She has created a unique, high-quality line of supplements including CBD hemp oil extract. Dr. Cass is an advisory board member of the Journal of Cannabinoid Medicine, and the author of several popular books including 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health, Supplement Your Prescription, Natural Highs, Your Amazing Itty Bitty Guide to Cannabis, and The Addicted Brain and How to Break Free

In this episode, Dr. Cass and I discuss the integrative psychiatry approach to using nutritional supplements like CBD and the importance of a healthy gut microbiome for overall health and wellness. Dr. Cass helps parents understand that a medical diagnosis does not always have to equal prescription medication. By introducing a functional approach to discover imbalances in adults and children alike, Dr. Cass helps parents incorporate effective natural solutions to ADD, ADHD, depression, stress, anxiety, migraines, addiction, and more.


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