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The Better Behavior Show with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

Sep 23, 2020

My guest this week is Dr. Aly Cohen, a board-certified rheumatologist, integrative medicine specialist, and environmental health expert in Princeton, New Jersey.  In 2015, Dr. Cohen created and has collaborated with the Environmental Working Group, Cancer Shmancer, TEDx, and other organizations and programs to share environmental health, disease prevention, and wellness information with the public. She is the co-editor of the textbook, “Integrative Environmental Medicine”, part of the Oxford University Press/Weil Integrative Medicine Library. Dr. Cohen lives on a farm in New Jersey with her husband, two sons, and lots of furry friends, and has recently published a new book: Nontoxic Guide To Living Healthy In A Chemical World

In this episode, Dr. Cohen and I discuss how parents can reduce chemical exposure in their children to support overall health and wellness. Dr. Cohen provides simple steps parents can take to begin these detoxes in their family's diet and environment at home. Chemical exposures have been linked to a variety of complications and illnesses such as irregular blood pressure and metabolism, thyroid conditions, developmental disorders, fertility, and cancer. Reducing toxin exposure in children can make significant positive changes in their behavior, mood, learning ability, physical growth, and health.


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