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The Better Behavior Show with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

Nov 25, 2020

My guest this week is Faith Clarke, a business strategist and inclusion specialist with a background in computer engineering and education. Faith is a current doctoral student in the psychology of new venture teams and works full-time to help socially conscious businesses level up their productivity through their people and processes. She especially loves to do this with special needs family-run businesses who create space for people with all abilities. Her book, Parenting Like a Ninja, an autism mom’s guide to professional productivity, is an Amazon bestseller and reflects her own journey with the crazy chaos of special needs parenting, and the need to harness energy and be productive. Faith believes entrepreneurship is a perfect, mental and psychological health choice for many special needs parents.

In this episode, Faith and I discuss ways to maintain energy and productivity as a special needs parent. After many years of navigating her son’s non-verbal autism, Faith recognized areas of her life that needed appreciation in order for her to be her best self and parent to her children. She mindfully navigates these difficult areas and aids the audience to ask themselves tough questions that are often avoided when it comes to self-care practices. Faith provides parents tangible experiences and examples to learn from whilst providing practical and impactful strategies on how parents can take the first step towards thriving and not just surviving. 

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