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The Better Behavior Show with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

Apr 13, 2022

My guest this week is Kristen Jenson

In this episode, Kristen and I discuss a sensitive but really important topic of pornography, as it relates to our children's safety and wellness. As the amount of screentime has dramatically increased across all ages over the last few years, exposure to pornography is pretty common. Uncomfortable or difficult as it may be to talk about pornography with your children, it's our responsibility as parents to set aside our own discomfort around the topic, so that we can be an accurate and healthy source of information and be a support for them. Kristen and I discuss all aspects of the inevitable exposure to pornography, inappropriate images and videos, and digital safety. We talk about the common questions of, “How do I address this with my child?”, “When do I address it?”,  “How to keep my child as safe as possible?”, and so much more. 

Kristen Jenson is the founder of Defend Young Minds, and a number one best selling author of the Good Pictures, Bad Pictures, a series of read aloud books. They've been translated into 10 languages and are now augmented by a guidebook for professionals that helps child therapists and educators. She's also the executive producer of the Brain Defense Digital Safety Curriculum, a powerful and engaging video-based course for families and educators. Kristen is a positive voice for raising empowered, resilient screen-smart kids who know how and why to reject pornography. She instills hope and confidence, and leaves her audience with pragmatic advice they can act on immediately.


Episode Takeaways:

Introduction to Kristen Jenson … 00:01:35

Children Being Exposed to Pornography & Sextortion … 00:7:10

Teaching & Modeling Digital Safety … 00:10:50

What Age Do You Discuss Pornography with Children? … 00:12:25

How to Respond When Children are Exposed to Pornography … 00:18:35

Kids Will Feel Ashamed & Be Secretive if Parents Give That Impression … 00:23:00

Exposure to Pornography, Parent Control Limitations, and Development …00:27:40

Setting Kids Up for Healthy Intimate Relationships … 00:35:00

Starting Discussions About Porn vs Intimate Sex … 00:38:28

Addressing Porn Addiction … 00:41:40

Books, Website & Video Resources … 00:45:22

Episode Wrap Up … 00:47:15




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