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The Better Behavior Show with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

May 4, 2022

My guest this week is just me, Dr. Nicole, chatting with you about some ideas that have been deeply on my mind as I see so many of you struggling with so many things in my clinic and online communities.


In this episode I’m sharing with you the core ideas that actually make the biggest difference in our lives as parents and in our kids’ lives during their growing up years. I have come to the conclusion that we actually need way less than we think we do to help ourselves and our children thrive. In fact, we really need just one, yes one, foundational thing to focus on that allows everything else to come together, that allows us to actually do the things that will best support our children's development without losing ourselves in the process.



Need help with improving your child’s behavior naturally?




Episode Takeaways:

What’s Been on My Mind … 00:00:45

Big challenges for Parents … 00:03:10

What 20+ Yrs of Clinical Practice and Parenting Taught Me … 00:06:48

What You Actually Need as a Parent … 00:07:58 

Connecting Emotional and Behavioral Regulation … 00:11:52

Context is Everything … 00:17:45

Developing Regulation Capabilities is a Learned Skill … 00:18:40

How to Help Ourselves & Kids Stay Better Regulated … 00:23:50

Become a Space-Maker and Episode Wrap Up … 00:27:10