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The Better Behavior Show with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

May 11, 2022

My guest this week is Roudy Nassif.


In this episode, Roudy and I discuss light exposure. May is Mental Health Awareness and a topic very relevant for mental and physical health that many do not know or even think about is light exposure–the quality and timing is actually very critical to every aspect of our health.  Sleep issues, feeling wired at night, and then fatigued or even possibly depressed feelings in the day sound familiar? What about headaches, focus, or behavior problems? We talk a lot about the importance of food nutrition and the problem with junk food on this show, but a missing piece might just be the light your child is exposed to. We call it junk light or light “nutrition”. Roudy shares his rapid shift in health, the science behind how light affects our biology, and what we can do to support healthy light into our lives to improve our health for ourselves and our families. 


For most of Roudy’s life, he spent his nights staying up late, waking up feeling exhausted, unmotivated, and unfocused. And probably many of you when you hear that, you think, “Yeah, that's my kid too.” After visiting many doctors, trying different diets, supplements, nothing seemed to work. Around seven years ago, Roudy's depression became unbearable, and he decided to leave his job as an engineer to embark on a worldwide journey of learning about himself and nature. His experience has transformed his health and life, and his quest to understand this transformation helped him to start studying light, quantum biology, and circadian rhythm. Thus, his company Viva Rays was born. He is on a mission to elevate people's light environment to a whole new level of alignment with nature.


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Episode Timeline:

Introduction to Roudy Nassif & Light Nutrition … 00:01:30

Kids Doing Anything to Be “Sent Outside” … 00:08:50

Science of Light: It’s Our Biology … 00:12:50

What is the Right Type of Light … 00:17:20

Problems of Constant Screens & Blue Light in Our Faces … 00:23:24

Circadian Rhythm & Parental Modeling … 00:29:00

How Quick Symptoms Can Shift When in Harmony with Light … 00:36:30

Negative Effects of Artificial Lights in Classrooms, Hospitals, etc. … 00:38:32

Tips for Living with Healthy Light … 00:44:15

Why Windows Can Be Problematic … 00:50:05

Proper Night Time Lighting … 00:51:00

What are Viva Ray Glasses? … 00:55:12

Resources & Episode Wrap Up … 00:59:10


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