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The Better Behavior Show with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

Feb 2, 2022

My guest this week is Jason Campbell

In this episode, Jason and I discuss how to stay regulated and be less reactive when things don’t go your way, or when your child is in the midst of big emotions and challenging behaviors. The techniques we discuss are by far some of the most important things we can do to support our kids and ourselves, especially when we are experiencing significant stressors and challenges with our kids or in any other part of our life. So today's episode is dedicated to learning and practicing skills to help everyone be more regulated, mindful, and calm overall. Stay and listen until the end where Jason guides us through an extremely effective 5 minute exercise.

Guest Bio:

Jason's journey into meditation, music and wellness began 43 years ago at the age of eight, when his teacher told him to never listen to notes, but instead to listen to the space in between the notes. He's released over 100 albums, has been number one on multiple billboard and Amazon charts, and has five Billboard Top five albums in a five-month period in 2019. This month, Jason will release his 32nd album in 32 months, titled Zen Piano Correcting Source. Jason is a seventh-degree black belt and co-founder of Zen Wellness. His unique perspective on health, wellness and spiritual growth comes from his lifelong study of both music and the ancient arts of Eastern Health, medicine, meditation, and enlightenment. He is the Director of Music for Genius X Virtual Reality, and writes music and meditation for other organizations, such as Happy ChiliSleep and Focus at Will. His whole adult life has been an effort to combine Eastern Arts, meditation and music. His music and teachings have opened meditation to thousands of people who have never meditated before, or who have tried meditation and failed in their effort to simply sit still and clear the mind. Jason often says, “Be still for one song, five minutes. Close your eyes and breathe with the bell, it can change your life.”

Episode Takeaways:

Episode Intro … 00:00:30

Introduction to Jason Campbell, Music, & Meditation … 00:01:25

Thinking Our Way Through Life … 00:07:20

Parents, is Your Headspace is Clear? … 00:10:33

Coregulation & Not getting Stuck in a Mind Loop … 00:15:08

Monkey Mind and Struggling with Thoughts … 00:22:22

Obstacles & Fighting in Opposition Causes Problems … 24:06

5 Minute Breathing Exercise Example … 00:31:40

Satori, a Glimpse or Moment of Enlightenment … 00:39:53

How Long Do You Meditate For? … 00:42:14

Recognizing in Real Life Groundhog’s Day … 00:47:20

Five Element Meditation & Other Resources … 00: 51:37 

Episode Wrap up … 00:52:35

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