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The Better Behavior Show with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

Mar 9, 2022

My guest this week is Maggie Viers

In this episode, Maggie and I discuss occupational therapy (OT) for children with a parent focus. Traditional pediatric occupational therapy supports child development, sensory processing, integration and skill acquisition in their everyday life functions.  However, there has been a positive shift in the OT paradigm to also focus on the relational and nervous system regulation; and a big piece of that is including the parents in the sessions. Though it’s a hard truth to admit, children are often mirrors of your own “stuff.” We discuss how having awareness of our own nervous systems and history, or “triggers”, affect our parenting and expectations. Maggie gives practical tips to understand your own nervous system, as well as your child’s, and what to do when dysregulation occurs. 

Maggie Viers is an Occupational Therapist at Thriving Littles. She guides parents undergoing their own evolution by supporting the daily interactions outside and inside of those difficult moments with their kids. She is a mom of four sensitive and spirited kids, all under the age of six. Boy do I get that and feel that. And she's passionate about shifting the paradigm of the way that we view behavior. Maggie is a Korean adoptee and currently resides in Houston, Texas. She's been an OT for 12 years and has a wonderful Instagram account for parents and professionals.

Episode Takeaways:

Introduction to Maggie Viers & Occupational Therapy … 00:01:44

Children are Mirrors of Your Own “Stuff” … 00:05:20

Behavior is the Tip of the Iceberg … 00:09:40

OT for Children with a Parent-Focus … 00:11:35

Dysregulation in Children & Why it Happens … 00:15:50

How to Handle Meltdowns … 00:20:15

Are Your Expectations as a Parent Fair? … 00:24:00

Adult Sensory Experiences Relating to Parenting … 00:28:20

Starting Points for Supporting Parent Nervous Systems … 00:33:10

Managing Power Struggles with Your Child … 00:35:53

Trauma as a Child and Regulation … 00:38:30

Thriving Littles Resources … 00:43:15


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