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The Better Behavior Show with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

Mar 30, 2022

My guest this week is Dr. Melanie McNally. 

In this episode, Dr. Melanie and I discuss how to manage anxiety for teens and tweens in Gen Z. Kids in these age groups are experiencing more stress and anxiety than ever before, even before the pandemic. Research is showing that teens report levels of stress as high as middle aged adults were reporting just 20 years ago. So kids in these age groups are feeling it, and especially after the last two years. And when kids experience anxiety, it impacts their life in many ways. As a parent, you may really feel at a loss to know how best to support your child and help them create better mental health habits for themselves. This is what we are going to be exploring today and providing helpful strategies with Dr. Melanie McNally.

Dr. Melanie McNally is a licensed clinical psychologist who helps Gen Z’ers become the superheroes of their life stories. She provides online support through teletherapy and coaching online programs and books that teach Gen Z’ers how to build self-confidence, manage anxiety and achieve their goals. Dr. McNally founded Therapy Bootcamp, an app-based psychoeducational service for Gen Z’ers to get therapy tools delivered right to their phones. It's an eight week program where they build self-awareness and develop coping tools, all while being able to DM Dr. McNally directly, right up the alley of kids in this age group for sure. Dr. McNally has worked in the mental health field since 2005, and teaches the skills, strategies and tools she herself has used and continues to use. 

Melanie has a freebie how-to guide for parents to help their kids problem-solve better. Visit







Introduction to Dr. Melanie McNally & Anxiety in Gen Z … 00:01:22

What’s Happening for Tweens and Teens Right Now … 00:06:15

When Does Anxiety Become a Problem? … 00:11:26

How Does Anxiety Show Up in Your Child? … 00:16:57

Addiction & Substance Use for Anxiety Coping … 00:22:00

Anxiety Can be Passed Down by Parent Behavior … 00:25:12 

Adults Communicating with Children About Their Own Mistakes … 00:28:15

Top Tips for Parents with Teens & Anxiety … 00:29:42

When Parents Recognize Their Child Needs Professional Help … 00:40:00

Teen Therapy Bootcamps, Resources & Wrap Up … 00:43:40